Hair is something represents for our ethnicity, where we’re from and sometimes speak for us. A lovely big gift and pleasure from God that given to you. These are top 8 of the most stunning hairstyles for long natural hair that you should look at and they’re worth to try.

1. Left Loose

What could be more perfect than this beautiful left loose hairstyle? All you need is a really fine long hair with a little bit of hairspray, brush it from the root to the tail. The more simple you make, the prettier it will be.

2. Side Swept

It’s been used by women around the world, from the famous celebrities to the office girls. Look how beautiful but natural it is. From the middle of hair above the forehead, part it over one side to cover a part of your eyebrow, make a big loosen curl – there you are my lovely girl. Such a great way to catch attention when you draw your hair to aside. We know the men love to see it!

3. The Angled Haircut

Most loved hairstyle is here. You can tell how the celebrities love it, yet it’s classy such as a waterfall equally separated into both sides. It even helps to slim your face and cover the bad features.

4. Sleek Blanket

Straight hair never outdated, for sure. If you’re loosing ideas to make a hairstyle for your party, it’s worth your time to try. Let’s see, all you need is to wash it up properly, dry it out and brush it all over. Part both sides behind your ears, red lipstick on, you’re the QUEEN of the night.

5. Flirty Ponytail

A new twist for ponytail lovers, but more attractive and seductive. However, it’s not reserved for a bad-hair day or a day at the gym to work out till you sweat out. Save it for a special night out or a red carpet part is highly recommended.

6. Crimped HairĀ 

The mid-1980s hairstyle is a unique hairstyle created by using a crimping iron to press your hair into small folds and ridges. Do you feel yourself like a Barbie doll in this? It’s worth to try out ever since you want to make a change of hairstyle.

7. Slicked Back

From runway to red carpet, this sleek edgy hairstyle is a perfect choice to lift every girl into a whole new level. No one can’t deny looking at you walking down in a night out with magnificent feature. Slicked back will do a good job of making you to become girl-of-the-night.

8. All Round Layers

Don’t worry if you have thin hair, you’ve found the best idea to volume it up. It’s great for any occasions but not less glamorous, yet it will give you a youthful look compared to the other hairstyles.