Side buns, side ponytails, side braids, side cascading curls… these have been rocked by celebs on the red carpets at all the biggest recent events, so, well, congrats, swept hairstyles long hair have become a hot trend.

As prom season is approaching, all seniors are excited about the choice of chic outfits, accessories and matching hairstyles. Swept hairstyles long hair for prom, showing your beautiful neck and shoulder line are a great idea of how you may stand out from the crowd at your graduation party.

They are extremely flattering for all types of cocktail wear, especially for one-sleeved, single-strapped and strapless dresses. Besides, swept hairstyles long hair would be nice if it doesn’t look too outdated even 20 years from now. That’s why, once you have decided what you are going to wear, start looking for hair inspiration ideas. Here you will find 45 stunning side hairstyles to sparkle your inner best at the prom party.

1. Winding Waves

A look like this is so posh that it could easily work at other big formal events like a wedding, especially with the addition of a gorgeous white flower. But, what makes this look unique is the fact that it uses individual curls to create a winding detail across the nape; a delicate and very special design, indeed.

2. Side Swept Curls and Draped Bangs

Here is a hairstyle that would make Rapunzel jealous. The thick, undone curls make her mane extremely full. The gently feather bangs increase the effect for a Swept Hairstyle Long Hair. Ask your stylist for a wavy’do, but make sure they brush your locks after curling to relax them.

3. Twisted Hairstyle Over The Shoulder

The best hairstyle of the Swept Hairstyles Long Hair 2017 is here. Combine prom curls with a do that falls over one shoulder for a relaxed-but-sophisticated style. The easy twists and flowing locks fit the requirements.

4. Side Swept Brunette Waves

Hairdos for prom don’t need to be overly complicated. An effortless ‘do is a perfect accessory to a formal dress. Instead of a sleek, sculptural hairstyle, go for an undone one. The curly pieces of this relax pony don’t feel stuffy. They’re young and fun.

5. Cascading Waves For Long Hair

The intertwining sections with curls are good idea of a formal side downdo for long hair. Blend a few braids into one for a sophisticated braided piece. The soft weave produces one of the most beautiful prom hairstyle

6. Double Twist and Curls to One Sider

Mix side curls with multiple twists for a rom youantic prom hairstyle. Side hairstyles with waves are more impactful than straight hairstyle. Why? They are kind of mermaid-like, girly, tender, romantic…

7. Chain of Flowers (Top of The Swept Hairstyles Long Hair)

If you are a young lady who likes to take trends and make them her own, this is the perfect Swept Hairstyles For Long Hair dedicated to you. While other girls will be wearing floral or braid crowns to prom, you will shine with the tender pale blooms blended into the gorgeous look braided loosely to the side.

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