Wake up early, get ready quickly and head to the office on time. This is the normal routine every office-going woman must be following.

Even after such rush and all the stress we have in our life, it is important to maintain our looks and take care of ourselves as well. Take a deep breath while you are in such hurry and don’t forget to smile when you go out.

Office is a formal occasion, so office ladies should style formal hairstyle for the work place. Many usual hairstyle can be created for the office, such as cool short hairstyle, with or without layers, up-styles, ponytail, braid or buns.

No matter which one you choose, you’d better make sure your hair is free of scurf which may ruin the whole hairstyle. Besides, it is advisable that to keep the office hairstyle neat,, since a messy or unkempt hairstyle always reminds people that of low effectivity and without image consciousness. The above mentioned details are quite important.

Besides, the hair accessories that you choose should be usual and suitable for the formal occasions. If you want to leave a great impression on your leaders or colleagues, you need spend some effort in choosing and styling the hairstyle for office.

1.The High Pony Tail (My Fav Of Office Hairstyles Long Hair Ever!)

A ponytail will never let you down in your office look, but making a high ponytail is not an easy task for everyone. Listed below are the steps involved in achieving a high ponytail with much volume.

    • Add the two ponytails together with single elastic to make it one. The top section is teased up little to add some extra volume.

This double layer ponytail will not only give your ponytail a new look by adding the extra effects visually, but it is easy to do and saves a lot of time.

2. The Messy Bun

With the arrival of summer, learning how to do an up do is a good thing, and if it makes you even more stylish why not give it a try?

A bun always works well when you are in a hurry and can be a saviour on a bad hair day. The steps involved in making a messy bun which will give you a Boho chic look is as follows:

3. The French Twist

Classic! The French twist is another one of those looks that just work everywhere, from the boardroom to cocktail hour. It’s feminine and fierce at the same time, making it perfect for the working woman.

4. The Sleek Vixen PonyTail

This extremely versatile look can raise your style quotient at the office in just a few minutes. Follow the easy steps stated below to learn about this hairstyle:

5. The Easy Chignon:

The chignon, which is pretty much a fancy word for bun, is making a fashion comeback with a vengeance. Chignons can be spotted on the heads of the hottest celebs and red carpet walkers. To be as hip as these ladies, try out these three simple ways to create a chignon.