Top 10 Flawless Hairstyles For Long Hair Of All Time

Top 10 Flawless Hairstyles For Long Hair Of All Time


Ladies, let’s admit that long hair has always been, and will continue to be a rage. Men, women, everyone is impressed by a magnificent long length hair. Today, we’re going to show you 10 flawless hairstyles for long hair that always catch the attention from people at anytime and anywhere you go.

1. Cascading Hair
The Cascading Hair is the most popular hairstyles for women at all ages. This hairstyle is widely used for Hollywood celebrities and singers. The curls are extremely perfect for all kind of events.

2. Beachy Mermaid Waves

Is anyone reading this ever dreamed to be a mermaid? This hairstyle will complete your dream. If you’re going to a beach party, don’t hesitate to spend a little bit of time to make this with a wand iron. Wrap the bottom of your hair around then loosen the curls with your fingers and you’re ready to go!

3. The Finger Waves The retro hairstyle for ladies from the 1920s is one of the timeless classics, yet will create a stand out look compared to the new trendy styles.

4. The Sassy Side Part

If you’re searching for an elegant, glamorous hairstyle for a fine dining or fancy party, this hairstyle fits it all. Straight out the root with a comb and hairspray, the following big curls are absolutely fantastic to make you shine bright under the spotlight.

5. The Sleek Cinderella Hair

Long, pure and innocent, this hairstyle is dedicated for young ladies at their teenage. A significant pretty look for those who want to become a princess at the yule ball.

6. The Curled Ends

Not too glamour, not too innocent, the curled ends is perfect for women at mid-aged who want to have a classy elegant look. Can you keep your eyes off our beautiful Highness Kate Middleton? For sure, it’s the most stunning classy hairstyle that you can find.

7. The Updo

There should be a twist in our list. I have tried to create Updo for numerous times and myself have to admit, it’s the hairstyle for divas. It shows up your beautiful soothing neck and enhance the shades of your jaws.

8. The Boho Braid

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Where are my Boho girls at? Right, I’m 100% obsessed with this Boho braid, it’s incredibly stunning with long loosen curls and a lovely braid around your head, ends in the back or hidden under the thick layers. This comes great with hair in bright colours.

9. The Pony Tail

Another outdated hairstyle for all ladies. Super quick and easy to make with a rubber band and voila – you have your own high pony tail.

10. The WaterFall French Braid
 Let me end this with a extremely gorgeous hairstyle – a perfect combination of waterfall curly hair and french braid. It’s definitely eye-catching and extremely stylish, but not always easy to do for yourself at home. However, if you have longhair, it’s worth your time learning how to put a waterfall French braid detail in your hair.